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Dog Aggression

🚨Alert🚨This post may contain disturbing images.

After the holidays, the first priority is to schedule training sessions for the Shiba Inu named Nemo (Case One) and the Border Collie named Million (Case Two).

Case One: Nemo

Nemo is usually of a gentle disposition and loves to cuddle with its owner. However, due to changes in his home environment and the accumulation of stress, Nemo ended up severely biting his family members who required medical attention and stitches.

We often say that a dog’s issues are, in fact, the owner’s issues. It is crucial to first understand why a dog is displaying aggressive behavior. By addressing the root causes and combining temperament training, behavioral training, and obedience training, we can effectively address both the symptoms and the underlying issues.

Learning to lead the dog on walks effectively, introducing your dog to the world, and building a strong bond with the dog are essential. While leash walking might appear simple and unrelated to addressing biting/attacking behavior, every moment spent with the dog contributes to building a relationship and mutual trust.

In a structured household environment supported by appropriate training, the dog’s temperament will become more balanced, stress resistance will improve, and your dog will become more adaptable to various situations, significantly reducing aggressive behavior.

Consistent training is necessary every day, even if it’s just a little bit. Every minute spent with your dog is invaluable, as each interaction contributes to the strengthening of the human-dog bond.

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