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Our Premium Beef Liver treats are crafted solely from 100% Australian Beef Liver, ensuring top-notch quality. Like all our offerings, they are free from preservatives and added sugar, guaranteeing your dog enjoys pure, high-grade meat.

These treats boast the finest quality Beef Liver, perfect for training sessions due to their thin, easily breakable texture. Your dog will relish the rich beef flavor, making training a delightful experience.

Firstly, rest assured that our Beef Liver dog treats comprise solely premium-grade, natural Australian beef, abundant in protein to support your dog's strength and fitness.

Secondly, Beef Liver is a beloved choice among dogs, packed with healthy fats, vitamin A, iron, copper, and zinc—essential for canine health. Additionally, these treats are adored by cats too!

Beef Liver treats stand out as top-notch training rewards, effortlessly breakable into ideal training-sized pieces. Plus, they deliver a myriad of essential health benefits found in Beef Liver.

You'll discover exceptional value in these treats, affirmed by rave reviews or firsthand experience!

Our products maintain their quality for up to 12 months from purchase when stored sealed, away from direct sunlight, and below 30°C on average.

Beef Liver

GST Included
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