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Our Beef Paddywacks dog treats, also referred to as Beef Tendons, are completely natural. They're crafted solely from the neck tendon of Australian cows, offering numerous benefits for dogs. These treats provide a satisfying chew for small to medium dogs, keeping them engaged for extended periods. Even most large dogs find them satisfyingly enduring. Compared to rawhide, Beef Paddywack treats are more digestible and serve as a preferred, healthier option for our furry friends.

You can rest assured that you're offering your dog top-quality nutrition, as these treats are rich in protein, vitamins, and minerals, free from preservatives, added colors, and sugar.

In essence, beef tendons (Paddywacks) offer various health benefits for dogs, serving as both a nutritional boost and a boredom-busting chew. Additionally, being a Beef Product, they are considered low allergen, ensuring they won't upset sensitive tummies.

For those seeking other long-lasting beef dog treats, we recommend exploring our Delicious Beef Pizzle!

Our products maintain their freshness for up to 12 months from purchase when stored sealed, away from direct sunlight, and under 30°C on average.

Beef Paddywacks

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