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Beef Spare Ribs Dog Treats

Among our top-sellers, these treats are expertly crafted in Australia, using only all-natural, Australian beef (veal) spare ribs. Dried, rather than cooked, these treats offer a safer alternative as the bones are less prone to splintering compared to cooked bones. They provide entertainment and are ideally sized for small to medium dogs.

These ribs offer a softer chewing experience and contribute to your dog's dental well-being by enhancing their teeth and gums while reducing tartar buildup. With high protein content and devoid of artificial sweeteners or preservatives, they serve as a wholesome treat for your beloved companion.

With impeccable quality and sourced entirely from Australian beef, processed right here in Queensland.

Our products maintain their freshness for up to 12 months from purchase when stored sealed, away from direct sunlight, and under 30°C on average.

Beef Spare Ribs

GST Included
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