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Halti Multi Function Training Dog Lead Red 

The Multi Function Training Dog Lead was designed by Dr Roger Mugford to provide optimum control, and to simplify traning with headcollars and harnesses. This lead has multiple points of connection that can be used with the Halti range of accessories such as their harnesses and headcollars to help you control your dog effecitvely.

Made from extremely durable, lightweight and comfort-hold webbing, this is a strong leash perfect for everyday use. Use this lead for hands-free walking, walking two dogs on one lead, short leash control and long lead training. 

Key Features:

  • Versatile lengths and can be used with any of the Halti accessories 
  • Durable, lightweight and strong 
  • Can be used for hand free walking, short leash control, long lead training and supervised training 
  • Two trigger clips for multiple points of connection 
  • Comes in two sizes 
  • Comes in two colours

Size Guide: 

Small: length; 2m, width 15mm 

Large: length; 2m, width 25mm

Halti Multi Function Training Dog Lead

GST Included
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