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INABA Churu Puree Chicken With Tuna Recipe Dog Treat Tubes Are Made With Real Meat And Packed With Nutrients

These creamy paste treats are delectable morsels you can feed directly to your dog from the tube or put on top of their meals for extra tastiness!

  • Made with pure farm-raised chicken and wild tuna
  • Grain free – great for sensitive dogs
  • Contains no preservatives  
  • Low in fat and calories – fantastic for everyday snacking!
  • Soft, creamy texture – easy for dogs to consume
  • Delicious savoury flavour will appeal to all canines
  • High moisture content – helps to keep your pal hydrated
  • To use, tear open a tube and squeeze the paste directly to your dog to lick
  • You can also squeeze the paste into a bowl or use as a tasty topper on wet or dry food
  • Feeding the puree directly to your dog is a nice bonding activity to strengthen your relationship  
  • Pack contains 4 x 14g tubes

Inaba Churu Creamy Puree Chicken With Tuna Recipe Dog Treat Tubes

GST Included
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