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KIWI KITCHENS Freeze Dried Venison Liver Training Dog Treats 30g is made with a single ingredient - venison livers sourced from New Zealand's grass-fed venison, these treats are a nutritional powerhouse for dogs and cats. Liver, known as the ideal superfood, closely mimics what our furry friends would naturally consume in the wild.

Venison liver is not only irresistibly delicious but also rich in essential nutrients. It is packed with Vitamin A, promoting good vision, supporting healthy bone growth, and playing a vital role in reproduction, cell division, and cell growth. Additionally, it strengthens the immune system and promotes healthy skin.

Benefits and Features

  • Made with only venison livers sourced from New Zealand grass-fed venison
  • Packed with essential nutrients and is rich in Vitamin A.
  • Raw Freeze Dried preserves the natural goodness of the venison livers, ensuring that your pets receive maximum nutritional benefits with every treat.
  • Sustainably sourced ensuring that the venison used in these treats is obtained responsibly and with respect for the environment.
  • These treats are protein-rich, providing a healthy and satisfying snack option for your pets.
  • The ingredients used are fully traceable, giving you confidence in the quality and origin of the product.
  • Suitable for dogs and cats of all breeds and ages.
  • Low in calories.

KIWI KITCHENS Freeze Dried Venison Training Dog Treats

GST Included
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