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ZIWI Peak Gut And Immunity Freeze Dried Dog Booster

Packed with the benefits of superfoods like tripe and kelp, Ziwi Peak Gut and Immunity Freeze Dried Dog Booster is a nutrient-rich addition to your dog’s diet. This topper is designed to enhance gut health and immunity, making any meal more nutritious and enjoyable.


- Nutrient Enrichment: Enhances regular meals with added nutrition.
- Superfood Ingredients: Contains tripe and kelp for optimal health benefits.
- High Palatability: Delicious flavor that dogs love.
- Health Support: Targets gut health and boosts immunity.
- Freeze-Dried: Preserves nutrients effectively.
- Versatile Use: Ideal for adding a nutritional boost to your dog's diet.


- Usage: Intended for intermittent or supplemental feeding only.
- Diet: Not a complete, balanced diet when fed alone.


Pet Suitability & Product Care
- Suitable For: Dogs of all life stages.
- Usage: Intended as a dietary supplement alongside a balanced diet.
- Storage: Store in a cool, dry place to maintain freshness.


About the Brand
Ziwi is known for its premium pet nutrition and ethical sourcing. Crafted in the pristine lands of New Zealand, Ziwi products reflect meticulous craftsmanship, bringing nature’s finest to your home. With a commitment to quality and animal welfare, they ensure each product meets and exceeds industry standards, providing exceptional nutrition to support your pet’s health and vitality.

ZIWI Peak Gut And Immunity Freeze Dried Dog Booster

GST Included
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