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ZIWI Peak Skin And Coat Freeze Dried Dog Booster

Ziwi Peak Skin and Coat Freeze Dried Dog Booster is a premium nutritional supplement, perfect for enhancing your dog’s meal with a raw-inspired touch. Featuring high-quality New Zealand ingredients like tripe and kelp, this food topper adds a burst of flavor and essential nutrients to support your dog’s skin and coat health.


- Flavor and Nutrition Boost: Enhances regular dog meals with added flavor and nutrients.
- Superfood Ingredients: Incorporates superfoods to elevate your pet's nutrition.
- Skin and Coat Health: Targets skin and coat health with every sprinkle.
- Nutrient Preservation: Freeze-dried to lock in the goodness of raw ingredients.
- Wholesome Blend: Made from a nutritious blend of tripe and kelp.
- Delicious Taste: Sure to entice any dog with its delicious flavor.


- Product Type: Freeze-dried dog food topper.
- Usage: Recommended for intermittent or supplementary feeding only.
- Key Nutrients: Formulated for skin and coat health.
- Packaging: Available in various convenient packaging options.


Pet Suitability & Product Care
- Appropriate For: All breeds, sizes, and life stages of dogs.
- Benefit: Especially beneficial for dogs needing nutritional supplementation.
- Storage: Store in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight.


About the Brand
Ziwi Peak excels in the pet food industry by offering high-quality, ancestral diet-inspired nutrition. Using the finest ingredients sourced from New Zealand, they provide simple and pure recipes enriched with nutrients to maintain optimal skin and coat condition. Committed to ethical practices and sustainability, Ziwi Peak is a trustworthy choice for pet parents, delivering a healthful and delicious booster that dogs instinctively crave.

ZIWI Peak Skin And Coat Freeze Dried Dog Booster

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