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Beef Crunch Jerky offers a conveniently breakable texture, crafted from Spleen organ meat. It presents a budget-friendly option as it's more readily available compared to human-grade cuts. If liver and jerky were to unite and produce offspring solely based on appearance, this jerky would be the result!

However, spleen offers distinctive advantages. It contains peptides exclusively produced in the spleen, which can positively impact the immune system, skin health, and overall energy levels. Furthermore, it serves as an excellent source of selenium, a potent antioxidant beneficial for thyroid health, aging, cancer prevention, and various inflammatory conditions. Additionally, spleen boasts abundant bio-available iron, surpassing liver, along with elevated levels of vitamin C and B12, offering a plethora of health benefits.

Being an organ meat, it may possess a stronger aroma compared to regular meat cuts, which could explain why dogs seem to relish it!

Our products maintain their quality for up to 12 months from purchase when stored sealed, away from direct sunlight, and under 30°C on average.

Beef Crunch Jerky

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