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Beef Puff Crumble dog treats consist of 100% Australian Beef, meticulously sourced and produced within Australia. The crumble is delicately preserved as a thin sheet, facilitating effortless breaking into desired sizes. The 'Puff' element originates from cow lung.

Thanks to their lightweight and easily fragmentable nature, these treats serve as an excellent option for training sessions or quick snacks.

Available in small and large pieces, these sheets effortlessly break into desired sizes, catering to your dog's needs.

Furthermore, these treats are gentle on your dog's stomach due to their air-puffed composition. They are also an exceptional choice for training purposes, boasting a mere 3% fat content.

Our products maintain their quality for up to 12 months from purchase when stored sealed, away from direct sunlight, and under 30°C on average.

For those who prefer larger pieces that are simple to break, this crumble is the ideal choice.

Beef Puff Crumble

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