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Snapper fish fillets for dogs……yes, ‘snapper’ it up now while it’s here. We have struck gold with some high quality human grade snapper which lost its buyer and was sold to us at a price we could do for dog treats without having to take out a mortgage!

This item is not available on auto-ship as we can’t get a consistent supply.

These fish fillets come with the skin on, and plenty of meat. Hand-cut into strips and simply dehydrated to lock in the nutrients. These medium-sized treats are suitable for all-sized dogs. Give them whole, or break them up with reasonable ease for smaller snacks.

Snapper Fish Strips are high in Omega-3 vital for a healthy-looking coat and healthier skin.

Sizes can vary because this is a natural hand-cut product but generally are 20 long but can be 10-30cm and about 1.5 – 3cm wide. Quite easy to break

Snapper Fillet

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